A portfolio of
Greek wines

Eklektikon was born in 2011, out of our passion for wine and our Greek heritage, and the realization that Greek wine and culture were not properly represented in the United States. Our vision was the creation of a “bridge” between GrΧαρτοφυλάκιο φυσικών κρασιών Εκλεκτικον Eklektikon με βιολογικά, βιοδυναμικά και παραδοσιακά κρασιά από την Ελλάδαeek tradition and the US market, in the form of imported handcrafted natural Greek wines.

Since then, we have been in a constant pursuit of raw, traditional Greek wines, which express the distinctive autochthonous peculiarities of our place. We represent small-batch artisanal growers around the country, who manually farm their own grapes, using organic and biodynamic practices. Each grower’s focus is on grape varieties indigenous to their region, which have adapted to their “birthplaces” for thousands of years, having developed the ability to purely express their surroundings. Vinification is of minimal intervention, using old and time-tested methods of local tradition, in small vessels. Thus, Eklektikon’s portfolio maps out the Greek vineyards and local varieties, traits, and tradition of each area.

After becoming the primary source for natural Greek wine in the United States and distributing our portfolio in more than 25 states, we decided to launch the first exclusively natural wine portfolio of Greece in 2022. Our goal is to clarify any misconceptions about natural wine and give a strong voice to artisanal, natural, and traditional producers around the country.



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